Under the Radar Millionaires



We have worked with clients who are are multi millionaires or very wealthy.

We've sat numerous times at the kitchen table meeting with clients in a small but nice home. The cars or trucks in the driveway are not flashy.

The difference is that these people might have true wealth in large farms & equipment, own or have sold an extremely profitable business or who have saved and invested wisely over the years.

Plain spoken, ethical individuals who don't look for the limelight and are under the radar. Some people make the mistake of underestimating them.

We don't make that mistake!

We welcome these investors as our clients. We're proud to have them as our valued clients.

Services Include

  • Preservation of the family's assets for future generations
  • Estate tax review
  • Income planning
  • Income tax strategies
  • Asset protection planning
  • Planning for a gracious and comfortable retirement


Farmers Adage: " Don't eat your seed corn". This is your reserve for the future.