If you are an experienced advisor with a clientele, we can provide an attractive payout and investment platform whether you have a large or modest practice.  

We care about our client’s future and want to associate with smart, ethical advisors who care about their clients as well.

Please contact us to discuss how we can be a good home for you and your clients. You can send an email or resume as well to


When you refer a client to us, with the appropriate licensing and client disclosures, we can pay an ongoing percentage of the quarterly management fee to you. 

This will potentially provide a significant stream of income to you or your firm without the time expenditure and distraction from your primary business and expense of your own investment practice.

We can also work with CFAs, ChFCs and CFP’s in this program.

Our Legal Counsel will take care of registrations and licensing.

We provide investment client servicing, administration, compliance, facilities and portfolio management aspects of the practice.     

It seems that you and your firm have several choices regarding client investment advice:

  • Maintain independence between your CPA practice and investments. A good choice but your clients will likely still ask for your advice. Much worse is that your client goes ahead and invests their funds without asking your advice.
  • Become a Registered Investment Advisor as a side business. To do so, you must take examinations, become well versed in SEC/FINRA compliance regulations and perform extensive due diligence on the investments.  My thought is that you are busy enough as an accounting professional.
  • Partner with a Registered Investment Advisor. We as an RIA will treat your clients with respect, provide them with a fiduciary standard level of advice, and coordinate closely with you as their CPA.


If you are an experienced advisor who is considering selling your practice, retiring or evaluating succession alternatives, let’s have a conversation.